Our truckfest is your chance to meet fellow drivers and to show off your trucks. It marks the start of the Drive For Life 2019 event, with the 24hr convoy starting immediately afterwards. The truckfest starts at 14:30 GMT, on Saturday 6th April, in The A 89 Fuel Station outside Clermont-Ferrand. Please avoid bringing trailers to the truckfest. Instead, create two saves, one with a trailer and one without. Load the one without a trailer first for the truckfest. Then, when it’s time to leave, load the save with the trailer.

Location Map

TruckFest Map

Red lines indicate an area that has a bump, ditch or an area that is unsuitable for trucks.  Please follow the event team when leaving to avoid getting stuck.

Slots: (To book, scroll down to the bottom)

Slot 1: Axiel Haulage

Slot 2: Free

Slot 3: Axtriss Trucking

Slot 4: Free

Slot 5: Red Line Cargo

Slot 6: Tango Transport

Slot 7: Free

Slot 8: Viva Trucking

Slot 9: Bangladesh Sentinel Truckers

Slot 10: National Freightways

Slot 11: National Freightways

Slot 12: King Global Transport

Slot 13: Free

Slot 14: Legacy Freight Services

Slot 15: Black Dog Trucking

Slot 16: Euro Heavy Haulage

Slot 17: Sandbero Gaming

Slot 18: Free

Slot 19: Free

Slot 20: TST Group

Slot 21: Free

Slot 22: Free

Slot 23: Free

Slot 24: Free

Slot 25: Green Ridge Transport

Slot 26: Enterprise Logistics Group

Slot 27: Minibee

Slot 28: Worldwide Trucking Logistics VTC