This is

3rd April 2021

Time Till Main Event

This year

This year we will be hosting two main events a Truckfest and also 24 hours worth of Convoy. If you are interested in helping us on our adventure please follow the two links below to see how we will be doing our Trucksfest and Convoys this year. You can also help by Donating by either using the link below or on one of our verified streams.

Our Past Events

Drive For Life 2020

Supporting: Teenage Cancer Trust
Community raised over: £2700

On our most recent event, we supported Teenage Cancer Trust in which our amazing community raised over £2700.

Drive For Life 2019

Supporting: Young Minds
Community raised over: £2600

In 2019 we hosted an event where we supported the charity Young Minds a with the help of our community managed to raise £2600.

Drive For Life 2018

Supporting: Teenage Cancer Trust

Community raised over: £1700

This was our first event in which we decided to support Teenage Cancer Trust by hosting a trucking event in the hopes of raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust. With the help of our community, we managed to raise an amazing £1700 for charity.

Drive For Life 2017

Supporting: MacMillan Cancer Support

Community raised over: £39

Our first venture into charity events was just a small one. With a small team, a small turn out and a relatively small amount raised, it doesnt seem that impressive. It, however, set the foundations, for what would become one of TruckersMPs most popular events

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