How to donate

DriveForLife is raising money for YoungMinds, who provide support for teenagers and young adults who are suffering from mental health problems. They cannot do it without your donations. To help and to give to this great charity, just follow the instructions below:

To donate online

You can donate online by visiting Just click the link and follow the instructions on the JustGiving site. Remember to Gift Aid where possible!

To donate via text message

If you you prefer to donate via text message, you need to follow these simple steps. Create a new message, type the text SEND67 into your message, then a space, followed by your donation amount. So to send £5, you would type SEND67 £5. This needs to be sent to the number 70070. You will then be sent a confirmation message. Make sure that you get the bill payers permission, donations wont work on capped contracts if the donation amount exceeds your contract cap or if you don’t have enough Pay As You Go credit. Text donations only work in the UK.

Thank you!

However you donate, we are incredibly grateful. You are directly helping our chosen charity and showing how the TMP community can use its scale for good.