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Our Past Events

Drive For Life 2020

Supporting: Teenage Cancer Trust
Community raised over: £2700

On our most recent event, we supported Teenage Cancer Trust in which our amazing community raised over £2700.

Drive For Life 2019

Supporting: Young Minds
Community raised over: £2600

In 2019 we hosted an event where we supported the charity Young Minds a with the help of our community managed to raise £2600.

Drive For Life 2018

Supporting: Teenage Cancer Trust

Community raised over: £1700

This was our first event in which we decided to support Teenage Cancer Trust by hosting a trucking event in the hopes of raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust. With the help of our community, we managed to raise an amazing £1700 for charity.

Drive For Life 2017

Supporting: MacMillan Cancer Support

Community raised over: £39

Our first venture into charity events was just a small one. With a small team, a small turn out and a relatively small amount raised, it doesnt seem that impressive. It, however, set the foundations, for what would become one of TruckersMPs most popular events

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