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About Us

We started off in 2017 we helped to raise money for Cancer Research UK. In early 2018, we raised nearly £2000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust
So back in early 2017, DJ JogR started to have an idea. He wanted to help out a charity that was close to him, as well as do something to remember a close family member by. So he thought how can he do something to help out? Well if you haven't guessed already, DriveForLife is what he came up with... By bringing the TruckersMP community together, we could use it's sheer size to help out families that need it most.
In 2019, we plan to build on our previous success, by creating an event much bigger and further reaching than ever before. Our charity is YoungMinds, who provide care and support for young people suffering with mental health problems, as well as supporting their parents. It's our mission to not only raise money for this charity, but also to get people talking about their mental health and to understand that there is help and support out there.

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